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My name is Bola Adeshina

Bola Adeshina is the Creator of The Peace Workout, a Health and Wellness company that serves under represented women, youth and seniors in marginalized communities. Bola considers her self to be a Gopher-Bull, because she studied at the University of Minnesota and graduated from the University of South Florida. Bola was a Director at University of South Florida for one of the largest non-profit organizations in the world, and would go out into the community to teach  financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and personal success skills.  

Bola Adeshina is  currently a Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Master Health & Wellness Coach and Women’s Nutritionist and Certified Breast feeding & Lactation counselor.  She  sits on APHA-Physical Activity and PAPREN.  Bola is also the Director of Health & Wellness for ANWO (African National Woman’s Organization).  Bola teaches, educates and implements projects in the community on the link between Physical Activity and Nutrition which play a vital role in mental health.  She is a member of the  Tallahassee Florida Civic Association.  Bola is also a Facilitator for Your Heart Your Diabetes, NAMI-Hearts and Minds, and the Communication chair for MGV/UF/IFAS PASCO County where she learns and educates on planting, nutrition and creating more sustainable community’s through building within.  Bola recently became one of the NYSS ( National Youth Sports Strategy Champions) a program created by ODPHP and the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness and Nutrition.

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