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My name is Jacquelyn McMillan

Jacquelyn McMillan is currently an Assistant Professor of Social
Work at Florida A&M University. She is also a Florida Board
Certified Therapist (LCSW) and Qualified Supervisor for social
work interns (RCSWI). She has degrees in developmental
psychology, research and clinical social work.


Dr. McMillan teaches research methodology, mental health, and chemical
dependency. She has published social work research on youth
mental health and on substance use disorders in peer-reviewed
journals and helped to develop a Substance Use Disorder
curriculum used in collegiate social work programs throughout
the state of Florida.


When she is not teaching or providing counseling services, she enjoys speaking engagements and conducting community workshops related to mental health,
mental wellness, suicide prevention, and substance use harm
reduction strategies. She is currently on the Board of
SheSpeaksSolutions, Inc. and serves as the Program Director.

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