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Advocacy Achademies

We offer the following Academic programs.

Young Women with Backpacks

Matriarch Moments

This program focuses on connecting the current graduating college of social work and school of psychology internship programs with core comp. with the generational gap of our aging population.


The objective(s) are focused on 3 concepts:


A) Behavioral development and the connection from the aging populations success and failures throughout their mental health journey in life.


B) Bridging the gap between generational barriers and creating an environment where post-secondary graduating students are able to lead the aging population into modern day technology and techniques.


C) Develop alternative resources for learning how to create/develop and execute different modalities for ways to overcome daily mental health matters.

Music/Dance/Theater/Art Advocacy Academy

This program is focused on youth and minorities ages 14-18

Monthly workshops with alternative mental health resources that focus on self-confidences and motivation through the arts.

Providing hands on workshops with techniques to guide youth through the arts to overcome their mental health challenges through artistic resources and modalities focused on the GTE get things done

Introducing diverse techniques to teach young adult’s alternative ways to over come the elements of their environment, create a safe space and build mentors and sponsors for successful life transitions.

Dance Rehearsal
Teacher with Pupils

Fire/EMS/M.A./S.T.E.M. Advocacy Academy

This program with a target group that focuses on at risk youth minorities ages 16-21.

Providing quarterly workshops that provide mental health techniques for daily life challenges.

Hands on workshops that provide certifications for Fire certification/ Emergency Medical services and Medical Administrative Assisting techniques. Each program providing resources for students who struggle with academic settings but are successful with hands on techniques.

3 to 4 year rotation with graduation certifications to immediately enter into the workforce setting.

Successful candidates will continue through a mentor and career sponsorship program.

Men & Minorities

coming soon

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